10 Things That Make Comfort Air Successful

Comfort Air is a local American Dream come true. We offer opportunities for hard working men and women to earn a living, and we consider our customers, colleagues, business partners to be our friends and family.

  1. We have been in business for over 40 years and have the experience to serve you without experimenting.
  2. The president of the company is readily accessible. (Listed in the phone book)
  3. We are committed to training. Over 40 hours of training each year!
  4. We have a customer service representative and service tech on call making sure the customer does not get overlooked.
  5. We quote a price before we do the work out of a standardized pricing guide. (No surprises)
  6. We do not use sub-contractors to install our systems. (You deal directly with us)
  7. Our company address is listed in the phone book so you can check us out!
  8. If we make a mistake, we not only talk the talk in getting it resolved, we walk the walk!
  9. We treat our co-workers better than any other company so they will treat our customers better than any other company.
  10. We protect your home while we are working. We use shoe covers and/or drop cloths and make sure we clean up after we finish the job.

Thank you for allowing us to serve the Savannah community for over 40 years! We are proud to be of service to the area and keep you comfortable all year round! If you need an HVAC installation, maintenance, or emergency repair, Comfort Air is here for you 24/7. Give us a call at 912-927-7000.