5 Things to Look for in a Home Comfort System

When it’s time to replace your home comfort system, it’s important to consider what a new system can offer. Here are 5 items to consider when purchasing an HVAC system:

  1. Protect

Water can cause your condenser to rust and wear out more quickly. Avoid any avoidable exposure (like having your sprinkler spray on your unit) in order to reduce the risk of corrosion.

  1. Maintain

Remove debris, trim grass and tear out any bushes that restrict airflow. This will improve the efficiency of your system and reduce the risk of it overheating.

  1. Operation

A system with varying speed options can conserve energy. Reducing your system’s output during milder weather will save you money on energy bills.

  1. Energy

A programmable thermostat gives you better control over output. When your unit is only on when it has to be, you’re going to see smaller energy bills.

  1. Efficiency

Adding a de-humidistat could help to conserve energy. A de-humidistat will turn your unit on when the humidity rises above a certain level, giving you even more control over the operation of your system.

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